“The assistance that Syntech offers to its customers is based on integrated service, which, in addition to the product, includes consulting, maintenance, analysis and manuals.”


Ultrasonic cleaning is a cleaning process that uses high-frequency sound waves to remove dirt and impurities from delicate or complex objects. The process is carried out immerging the object to be cleaned in a cleaning solution and then applying high-frequency ultrasound through the solution.
The sound waves create small bubbles within the solution that quickly implode, removing dirt particles and impurities from the object’s surface. Ultrasonic cleaning is often used for different types of objects, such as jewellery, glasses, watches, surgical tools and electronic components. It offers numerous advantages compared to the traditional cleaning methods, because the cleaning process is very thorough, it does not damage the object to be cleaned, and it takes less time and chemicals to complete the cleaning.


The product is designed in synergy with the specific needs of the customer, in order to obtain a detailed view of the requests and offer the cleaning or processing solution that fully meets the demand.
Our technical office is fully professional and supported by constant training, prepared to manage all kinds of requests and support the customer in all phases of the design and maintenance of the product. The installation operations at the customer’s premises are carried out by internal personnel, also prepared to solve unforeseen situations, in all areas of application.


Syntech is specialized in the production of:
Ultrasonic cleaning machines with aqueous solutions and detergents
Automatic transport modules for treated components
Loading and unloading modules for treated components
Fume abatement systems
Processing of plastic material for specific projects
Wet Benches

The choice of suppliers and of each individual component assembled, complies with the current regulations in terms of safety for the operator, thus making Syntech systems reliable and durable. The systems are subject to pre and post-sales testing, to check the correct operation according to the application needs and the specific context.


Our machines feature high quality automation which allows remote assistance in order to reduce downtime or waiting. Our technicians can directly interact remotely with the machine, using an OPC-UA protocol, changing and improving the process parameters or the software itself according to the customer’s requests.


Industry 4.0 comes from the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is leading to a fully automated and interconnected industrial production. Industry 4.0 indicates a trend of industrial automation that combines various new production technologies in order to improve human-machine interaction, working conditions, productivity and production quality of plants.

SyntechEngineering srl designs machines able to meet the imposed needs of Industry 4.0

Our machines are equipped with the following systems and features:

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller): industrial computer that controls machines, communicates with external systems and can be reprogrammed.

Interconnessioni: the machine can interconnect with other systems through standard or internationally recognized protocols.

HMI (Human Machine Interface):communicating with our machines is simple and intuitive. Thanks to the software designed by our technicians it is possible to view the machine status, change the process parameters and be warned of any problems.

• Compliance with the latest occupational safety, health and hygiene standards.
Remote maintenance, remote diagnosis and remote-control systems. Our machines can be remotely controlled and reprogrammed, thus providing the possibility of remote technical assistance.

Continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters through sensors.

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