We manufacture equipment for ultrasonic systems and industrial cleaning machines. We design and manufacture components, tables, cabinets and many other related products.

Dip coater

It is an automated benchtop machine essential to deposit coatings through immersion.
Its mechanical arm is able to move at a controlled speed allowing it to perform a vertical oscillation in order to immerse the object hanging from it into a tank containing the liquid.

Centrifugal machine

Automated industrial centrifuge made of polymeric materials to ensure protection against corrosion and limited weight. Designed to dry small parts, it is equipped with a fastening system for the components which can be easily redesigned according to needs. It is possible to set: rotation speed, acceleration and deceleration.

Brushing system

Automated machine consisting of a rotating brush that moves on two axes and combined with the action of a detergent allows to clean the impurities of the objects to be washed. It is possible to set: rotation speed, feed speed and pass depth.


Washbasin made of stainless steel, it can be integrated into the most different work environments.


Cabinet made of stainless steel, equipped with 6 removable shelves, anti-tipping system and it can be equipped with a dedicated compartment for exhaust suction of the various shelves.

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